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kenneth macraeďThe Other Foot is brilliant! Iíve taken part in 12 sessions and I feel that my OTHER foot has really improved. At first it felt weird because I wasnít used to controlling, passing and shooting with my left (OTHER) foot but after a while it felt more comfortable. The activity I like most of all is Par-fect Soccer which is a mixture of football and golf. Itís really good for long passes and drives.Ē

Kenneth (Aged 11)

Inverness Caledonian Thistle Under 12ís


martyn milneďWhen I first started The Other Foot my left foot was rubbish. After a few more sessions I began to have more confidence in it and now I use it without thinking. The sessions Iíve attended have all been good fun and I would recommend anyone who wants to improve as a player to start using their OTHER foot.Ē

Martyn (Aged 11)

Clachnacuddin Football Club


shannon junor"At first it felt very strange having to kick the ball with my other foot but I still had a lot of fun. After a while I got more used to using it and it seemed more normal. My favourite drill was playing the passing game in the circle. You really had to concentrate but it felt really great scoring points against the boys! Iíve just signed up for more Other Foot sessions and I think theyíll be fun too!"


Milton Athletic Football Club


robbie wemyssďIíve been going to OTHER foot sessions for a few months now and my weaker (OTHER) foot has improved loads during that time. I really enjoy working at the different stations while the music is playing. Iím now a more all-round player and that feels good!Ē

Robbie (Aged 11)

Clachnacuddin Football Club Under 12ís



sean melvilleďWhen I started my OTHER foot was 1 out of 10 but now itís probably 7 or 8 out of 10. The drills are good fun and thereís a good variety so you donít get bored. I like the Pyramid Passing game best of all as itís really cool!Ē

Sean (Aged 11)

Clachnacuddin Football Club



"Iím a striker and up until recently was pretty much one footed. Going to Other Foot sessions has really improved my other foot and I now feel confident at shooting with it. If you work hard you will improve!"

Andrew (Aged 11)





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